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How Las Vegas Escorts Evolved

June 23, 2017

Las Vegas is well known for many things such as their casinos and gambling, innovative and themed hotels, a stellar nightlife, and, of course, their escorts. While escorts and prostitution is well-known as the world’s oldest profession, there are many other factors that go into the importance of escorts in Las Vegas. For one, it is the only spot in the United States where prostitution is legal. For another the flood of money and easy spending makes the industry particularly profitable for escorts. Finally, many people go off to Las Vegas and leave their family members and spouses behind. It is easy to justify blowing some money on gambling as an excuse for a lower bank account and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The popularity and prevalence of escorts in Las Vegas has not been so static, however. Over time they have evolved, as has their role in society. Understanding the evolution of escorting and the notable changes that escorts have experienced, as well as how they have had to adjust to increase their attractiveness to customers and their own financial value is important in identifying how you can benefit from the changes, either by escorting yourself or by finding a fantasy that you are looking to have fulfilled.

Flooding the Market

The first stage in the evolution of escorting in Las Vegas was the infusion of quantity of escorts in Vegas. The number of escorts increased as money flowed into the city, namely as the city was developed and it was clear that there was a demand for escorts in the city. Changing regulations, the legalization of prostitution in Las Vegas, and the increased population of the city as a travel destination all led to an infusion of escorts into the city, greatly increasing the quantity of them and increasing their accessibility. Over time, this evolved to make escorting, which occurs everywhere despite its legal status in some places, more commonplace in Vegas and something that customers head to the city for, in addition to its other amenities.

Increase in Class and Price

As Vegas became a major convention center, a higher number of escorts flood the market that met these tastes, namely for higher end escorts. Many of these escorts are known as VIP or high cost Las Vegas escorts and service escorts that command premium dollars. Many of these escorts are incredibly attractive and akin to looking like runway escorts in Vegas. The evolution of Vegas to have runway escorts in Vegas was part of the market to service these high roller customers that came to Vegas to gamble or to take part in business conferences and adds a level of sophistication and fantasy fulfillment to the world of Vegas escorting. Men can find the most beautiful when seeking out escorts in Vegas through access to these high-end Las Vegas escort options.

Globalization Effects Every Industry

Globalization h played a major role in many industries around the world. The world and industry that escorts populate is no exception to this. Globalization means customers from a wider global footprint which often results in an infusion of cash into this industry, and the need for escorts to meet these changing tastes. Further, globalization has brought a greater diversity of escorts into Las Vegas. Escorts from all over the world are now available in Vegas and there is no one standard type of women that is available. Asian, Latin, Arab, and Caucasian women are just a segment of the options available for patrons and many customers need to conduct more research to find the niche that interests them the most. Many escorts are able to thrive by developing a niche audience and client base as well. Diversity is clearly the name of the game in today’s Vegas escorting climate.

Understanding the evolution of escorting can help you to make more logical choices in the city when you visit Las Vegas escorts. Overall, there are more escorts than ever before, some can be incredibly attractive runway models, and you will be able to experience a wider range of ethnicity and looks. Escorting has clearly evolved in a way that promotes increased variety and options for customers and understanding these trends can help you to find the right experience for you.

How Knowledge is Power

June 19, 2017

Many people live according to proverbs. One of the most popular proverbs out there is the statement “knowledge is power.” In most cases, this turn of phrase can apply to many people’s lives as it empowers people to achieve results and goals. In short, it means that knowing things about the world and being able to figure things out gives people power to accomplish great things. No one person or nation can survive without knowledge. This situation is compounded by the fact that knowledge is limitless. Therefore, there is no limit to the power that knowledge can give a person throughout their lifetimes. Here are some ways how knowledge is power.

The Liberating Factor of Knowledge

Another proverb that pairs well with “knowledge is power” is the statement that knowledge sets people free. In one way, it makes people less dependent on one another. Because a person is able to learn to do for themselves, they are able to do for themselves. This reason is why parents are able to slowly let go of control over their children as they grow up. As they grow, the children learn new things about how to survive in the world, so they do not have to rely on their parents as much the older they become. At the same time, freedom is essential for people to obtain real power. Therefore, people who are in control of freedom and power are also able to know that it is morally wrong to use their power to control or harm someone.

The Respect Factor of Knowledge

People who know a great deal about the world and how it works, or even people who have specialized knowledge in a specific field are able to command a great deal of respect. These people sit up on a higher level than the average person. Because people are authorities on certain subjects, they are paid respect in a few ways. Most commonly, people are interviewed or cited for information about their field. These people are sought out by others for reliable, credible information that cannot be gained from too many other trusted sources. There is a second way people are paid respect for having knowledge. Other people seek out persons of knowledge for guidance and advice. Therefore, people who are specialists in their fields, such as doctors or nurses, are often seen giving their advice to people about how to care for themselves in regards to certain parts of the body or certain diseases.

The Self-Esteem Factor of Knowledge

It is a little known statement that people who have knowledge also have higher levels of self-esteem. These people are sure of themselves and the advice that they give, so they are able to hold their heads high knowing that they are right in giving the information at hand. Additionally, people are able to fall back on their own two feet with ease after a trial comes in life. Finding solutions are easier because people are able to lean on themselves and not others. They have more confidence because they are able to stand on their own without the aid of others.

The Positivity Factor of Knowledge

Another way that people who have knowledge possess power is through being positive. Finding and seeking knowledge requires that a person remain positive for the sake of persevering to find that knowledge in the first place. This quest for knowledge makes a few demands on people. First and foremost, they have to remain motivated and determined to reach their goal. In the same breath, these people must also remain engaged with the world around them for the sake of learning, and they need to complete this task in a self-reliant matter. Therefore, a sense of enthusiasm must exist on the road to knowledge, which makes obtaining power all the greater an experience.


It goes without saying that this proverb, “knowledge is power,” has a great impact on people’s lives. Not only does it teach people to be positive and have self-esteem, but it also encourages people to bask in the freedom that comes with obtaining this knowledge. For these reasons, people such as doctors are looked to as authorities in their fields, and they are created as giving authoritative advice on many situations.

When common sense is not so Common

June 6, 2017

We live in times of faith and hope; specially for young people, who are in this world, without the chance to grow in a middle class or rich family. On the contrary they are here without any guidance or support and worse than that, without love.

How many times have we crossed our way with a beautiful boy or girl asking for money , in the streets, with their faces full of mud, without shoes; with their hairs tangled up and dirty. Probably a lot.

Fortunately, there are people who wants to sacrifice and build places in the world to help them and change their lives from running in the streets without any hope. It has never been easy, and as sad, as it is, they get lost between the crowds.

But, guess what, hope exists. Have you heard about KOTO, “ Know One – Teach One, “? well it is fascinated to know something like that actually exists in “Vietnam, “ have you heard about Pham and his amazing adventure and philosophy. ? If not, please continue reading.

Everything began with a dream, a fascinated one. A man to help kids without a budget, or a family assistance, only because of his heart and love for children. His name is Pham, he began this experience with nine kids only, and now, he has grown his( not-for-profit restaurant) and his philosophy of “ Know One – Teach One “ to an 80 seats – restaurant; run by 70 trainees and dozens of locals from Vietnam, plus volunteers from all over the western world.

His love and dedication will bring so much hope to children without a life, without a father or a mother, to children who wants to believe and want to change their lives; no matter how hard the road looks. And you know; they will, because of people like Pham and his philosophy to help each other; and when some people are not ready for doing something amazing, and heroic. There are others that will; without expecting anything more than gratitude.

The “Know One- Teach One” is a philosophy that has to grow to the whole world; it has to give children the opportunity to learn and work, and be unique, and enjoyed the freedom of being a human being. We are here to help them to become adults, without the burden and the difficulties that they already have been through. We are here to guide them and love them and make them feel special, because they are the children of the world.

How long will it take, for a one man to grow his idea, and teach someone else to do the same, probably it will take months, or even years to do it. So we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to promote the “Know One – Teach One”, all over the world.

Can we assist and believe that helping a child will make a big difference.? Can we bring peace of mind in the life of millions of children, that are lost in the big crowds of adults, acting like one, but without the love and care, that they really need.

The world we are living now, is expanding and changing every minute. With new technology to learn and understand. If a child doesn’t have the guidance and the support to learn faster. They will never be able to be a successful adult.

So, it is up to the people, who wants to give more, and to change the future of every child, who is looking for a better one; and obtained the happiness that everyone deserves to enjoyed, and also contributed to a better society. To keep the ” KOTO – Not-for-profit- restaurant”, idea alive. We need a coordinated effort; as all the children will need: water, clothes, food, medical assistance, so they can feel better about themselves and to follow the steps of “Know One – Teach One” ; to train the ones who come and will follow, in this journey we called life on earth.

To move this idea to the Western World, to give a hand to a needed child, to understand the purpose and to do something about it. To follow your heart and soul and make someone else feels very special today.