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How Do I Become a Better Speller

April 22, 2017

I think being a good speller is important to being a great writer. There are several exercises to help someone become a better speller. One exercise is to try to sound out the word and determine what the word would sound like. I used this method a lot when I came across words that didn’t look familiar to me. Another exercise I would recommend is to try finding the vowels in the word, sometimes vowels assist you with the pronunciation of certain words. Usually, vowels make your tongue forms certain syllables, which helps you understand the words making them easier to pronounce. Another method to mastering spelling is playing word games, such as scrambled or some other word games. When I was a young child my mother often played word games with me because I had a spelling problem with larger words. I had to trouble spelling words with multiple syllables. By playing scrabble I was able to understand words better and developed a variety of words and spell more efficiently. Another exercise I would recommend is to listen to audio saying words and spelling them this will give you a blueprint on how certain words are pronounced and spelled. Some words are similar in their spelling and a blueprint and spelling tutorial will make the task easier for you to have better success with spelling. I think memorizing the word and brainstorming the spelling of the word helps. I think memorizing the word throughout the day helps it stick to your memory. I would also recommend getting a tutor to help with spelling problems. Tutors are very helpful with helping individuals sound out the word and spelling exercises could assist in developing a strong spelling repertoire. I personally had a tutor when I was in grade school, she really helped me spell better she also encouraged me to enter spelling bees and build my confidence with spelling. I enter a few but didn’t win I felt very honored about it. It wasn’t about winning for me It was developing the confidence in spelling publicly. I think talking with a tutor about different exercises to help with spelling is important. I would try a variety of different things to help with spelling. I think studying a variety of words every day will give you some insight into how certain words are spelled. Learn that accurate spelling matters and that it’s important to check their writing for mistakes. A method that I use often is a spell checker I think this is a great way to check your spelling as you are writing. I would suggest taking a least an hour a day and writing a short story or writing about any topic that you are familiar with. While you’re writing read out loud and double-check spelling and grammar, this exercise will help greatly with strengthening spelling. I think playing spelling games with friends and family is always helpful. I think making spelling fun is always a way to make learning fun. I think being comfortable learning in a fun but the educational environment is always a great method for learning and studying.


I think spelling can be very rewarding, it propels your learning in different areas, such as writing, reading, word games, and more. Spelling is always an important component in developing better spelling skills. I would also suggest that you stay focused on your spelling, don’t get discouraged, and always be willing to ask for help. There are so many ways to improve on spelling these are just a few ways. I have used some of these methods to improve my spelling a had very good results. I suggest, trying multiple spelling exercises and combining together to help with spelling different and more challenging words. I think always staying enthused with spelling it’s a very rewarding feeling learning to spell more challenging words. I take joy a looking at more complex words and immediately identifying how to spell them. That would be advice about spelling I think if you use some of these methods you should excel very rapidly and efficiently. So remember to stay focused and always find new techniques in spelling and have a strong support system from friends and family. I think having that support helps with confidence and motivates you to succeed.