Benefits of Learning Foreign Language

January 5, 2017
1. It teaches one to communicate in another way. Learning the native tongue teaches how to better communicate with these people. Whether one meets them in person, pen-pals, or speak with them online. It is great to show them how those who are native English speakers are more than willing to better understand them. Even if their command of English is not very good at this point. It may help them feel more at ease with the opposite culture also.


2. This will open one to new cultures in general. Before one ever had pen palls in foreign lands, called them long-distance, or spoke with them online. One merely was able to read about these cultures in a book. Whether it be an encyclopedia, a geography book, one on world cultures, or texts on foreign languages directly. No matter the method of education or communication, there has always been interesting in how these other cultures operate and communicate. What customs they have and how one can embrace them. Much less how they can incorporate them into their own lives.

3. Such may give a person the desire to travel, or someday visit other lands. It may take such an individual a number of years to save up money for this kind of trip. If not decades, providing one is able to do so. Many real-life factors may stand in the way. Yet if one is able to visit a different country, he or she should. It would be a great life experience for just about anyone. And to think, it all stemmed from the desire to learn a foreign language. Such enthusiasm may lead to the journey of a lifetime.

4. It can spawn very good friends with someone from another culture. Again, pen-pals, long-distance phone calls, and online communication come into play here. Long-lasting bonds can form with people halfway around the world. As technology is making this world smaller and the cost of communication cheaper, this is more possible than ever. And learning a foreign language is a very good way to start. If one does not have the financial means or resources to travel, these methods of communication are definitely great alternatives. Geography and physical location do not necessarily have to put a damper on friendships or the desire to learn a foreign language.

5. It may help a person with a job opportunity. If someone is working a job with a great deal of foreign clientele, it helps to understand many other languages. Whether it be a job working at tourism commissions or customs here in The States. Meeting people who come to this country from all different parts of the world. Or possibly working directly within a foreign land, surrounded by such a culture. One will learn so much about different cultures and languages as a result of these.

6. Speaking different languages and forming relationships with those from around the world can lead to mementos and souvenirs. Among these could be postcards and stamps from different places. Such would be good for any collection as a result. Yet another benefit of learning a foreign language and appreciating a variety of cultures. And this can be yet another cost-effective approach that cannot meet the foreign speaker in person. While a face-to-face encounter is more of an experience per se, these things can be experienced in and of themselves. Even if one is unable to leave their home, this is another good reason to learn a foreign tongue.

7. Learning a foreign language may give one a fuller, more enriching life. Each language learned leads to a better understanding of the other cultures existing out in the world. While not everyone can get out there in travel, exploring or observing any glimpse outside one’s own parameters can expand a person’s horizons. One can broaden his or her global knowledge and appreciation without even leaving the home computer. Yet it is not recommended one stay in front of it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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