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How Knowledge is Power

October 11, 2017

Many people live according to proverbs. One of the most popular proverbs out there is the statement “knowledge is power.” In most cases, this turn of phrase can apply to many people’s lives as it empowers people to achieve results and goals. In short, it means that knowing things about the world and being able to figure things out gives people the power to accomplish great things. No one person or nation can survive without knowledge. This situation is compounded by the fact that knowledge is limitless. Therefore, there is no limit to the power that knowledge can give a person throughout their lifetimes. Here are some ways how knowledge is power.

The Liberating Factor of Knowledge

Another proverb that pairs well with “knowledge is power” is the statement that knowledge sets people free. In one way, it makes people less dependent on one another. Because a person is able to learn to do for themselves, they are able to do for themselves. This reason is why parents are able to slowly let go of control over their children as they grow up. As they grow, the children learn new things about how to survive in the world, so they do not have to rely on their parents as much the older they become. At the same time, freedom is essential for people to obtain real power. Therefore, people who are in control of freedom and power are also able to know that it is morally wrong to use their power to control or harm someone.

The Respect Factor of Knowledge

People who know a great deal about the world and how it works, or even people who have specialized knowledge in a specific field are able to command a great deal of respect. These people sit upon a higher level than the average person. Because people are authorities on certain subjects, they are paid respect in a few ways. Most commonly, people are interviewed or cited for information about their field. These people are sought out by others for reliable, credible information that cannot be gained from too many other trusted sources. There is a second-way people are paid respect for having knowledge. Other people seek out persons of knowledge for guidance and advice. Therefore, people who are specialists in their fields, such as doctors or nurses, are often seen giving their advice to people about how to care for themselves in regards to certain parts of the body or certain diseases.

The Self-Esteem Factor of Knowledge

It is a little-known statement that people who have knowledge also have higher levels of self-esteem. These people are sure of themselves and the advice that they give, so they are able to hold their heads high knowing that they are right in giving the information at hand. Additionally, people are able to fall back on their own two feet with ease after a trial comes in life. Finding solutions is easier because people are able to lean on themselves and not others. They have more confidence because they are able to stand on their own without the aid of others.

The Positivity Factor of Knowledge

Another way that people who have knowledge possess power is through being positive. Finding and seeking knowledge requires that a person remain positive for the sake of persevering to find that knowledge in the first place. This quest for knowledge makes a few demands on people. First and foremost, they have to remain motivated and determined to reach their goal. In the same breath, these people must also remain engaged with the world around them for the sake of learning, and they need to complete this task in a self-reliant matter. Therefore, a sense of enthusiasm must exist on the road to knowledge, which makes obtaining power all the greater an experience.


It goes without saying that this proverb, “knowledge is power,” has a great impact on people’s lives. Not only does it teach people to be positive and have self-esteem, but it also encourages people to bask in the freedom that comes with obtaining this knowledge. For these reasons, people such as doctors are looked to as authorities in their fields, and they are created as giving authoritative advice in many situations.