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When common sense is not so Common

December 2, 2017

We live in times of faith and hope; especially for young people, who are in this world, without the chance to grow in a middle class or rich family. On the contrary, they are here without any guidance or support and worse than that, without love.

How many times have we crossed our way with a beautiful boy or girl asking for money, in the streets, with their faces full of mud, without shoes; with their hairs tangled up and dirty. Probably a lot.

Fortunately, there are people who want to sacrifice and build places in the world to help them and change their lives from running in the streets without any hope. It has never been easy, and as sad, as it is, they get lost between the crowds.

But, guess what, hope exists. Have you heard about KOTO, “ Know One – Teach One, “? well it is fascinated to know something like that actually exists in “Vietnam, “ have you heard about Pham and his amazing adventure and philosophy. ? If not, please continue reading.

Everything began with a dream, a fascinated one. A man to help kids without a budget, or family assistance, only because of his heart and love for children. His name is Pham, he began this experience with nine kids only, and now, he has grown his( not-for-profit restaurant) and his philosophy of “ Know One – Teach One “ to an 80 seats – restaurant; run by 70 trainees and dozens of locals from Vietnam, plus volunteers from all over the western world.

His love and dedication will bring so much hope to children without life, without a father or a mother, to children who want to believe and want to change their lives; no matter how hard the road looks. And you know; they will, because of people like Pham and his philosophy to help each other; and when some people are not ready for doing something amazing, and heroic. There are others that will; without expecting anything more than gratitude.

The “Know One- Teach One” is a philosophy that has to grow to the whole world; it has to give children the opportunity to learn and work, be unique, and enjoyed the freedom of being a human being. We are here to help them to become adults, without the burden and the difficulties that they already have been through. We are here to guide them and love them and make them feel special because they are the children of the world.

How long will it take, for a one-man to grow his idea, and teach someone else to do the same, probably it will take months, or even years to do it? So we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to promote the “Know One – Teach One”, all over the world.

Can we assist and believe that helping a child will make a big difference.? Can we bring peace of mind to the life of millions of children, that are lost in the big crowds of adults, acting like one, but without the love and care, that they really need.

The world we are living in now is expanding and changing every minute. With new technology to learn and understand. If a child doesn’t have the guidance and the support to learn faster. They will never be able to be a successful adult.

So, it is up to the people, who want to give more, and to change the future of every child, who is looking for a better one; and obtained the happiness that everyone deserves to enjoy, and also contributed to a better society. To keep the ” KOTO – Not-for-profit- restaurant”, idea alive. We need a coordinated effort; as all the children will need: water, clothes, food, medical assistance, so they can feel better about themselves and to follow the steps of “Know One – Teach One”; to train the ones who come and will follow, in this journey we called life on earth.

To move this idea to the Western World, to give a hand to a needed child, to understand the purpose, and to do something about it. To follow your heart and soul and make someone else feels very special today.